7 Waves

15 Apr - 31 Aug 2017

St Magnus Church, Birsay

Magnus 900 - Art Installation

900 years – it’s a long time in human terms, but when Magnus Erlendson was a boy exploring the Birsay shoreline, the waves rolled in as they do today.

Shortly seven more waves will wash up over the sea front and into the St Magnus Kirk, in the form of an installation by Erlend Brown and Dave Jackson. The seven waves will be like spume floating overhead; the imagery will be a response to ‘Tryst on Egilsay’ a cycle of seven poems by George Mackay Brown, which shed light on how the creative mind interprets the great story of peace talks with his cousin Hakon Paulson, ending in the martyrdom of Magnus.

Dounby Community School, under the guidance of Eilidh Harcus, have also created Artworks (shown in folio form), with each of the seven year groups looking at a different poem. Primary seven pupils, assisted by David McNeish, recorded the seven poems; Earl Hakon; Helmsman; The Killers; The Death of Magnus; The Egilsay Priest; The Men of Egilsay; The Two Tinkers, at Radio Orkney. This provides a sound background to the painted installation.