There is something unique and magical about Orkney.

Take the time to feel how the elements shape life in the islands you see before you.

Experience the crashing waves as they arrive on Orkney’s coastline, or feel the gentle sweep of the sea on one of the many beautiful beaches. Hear the call of migrating birds as they fly in on the wind, and see local fulmars soar on the currents.

The earth under your feet contains thousands of years of history - uncover the secrets of Orkney at hundreds of ancient sites. Fire has played an important part in Orcadian life for centuries, too. Imagine stories being told around hearths, or hear local music come alive in front of a roaring fire in an island pub.

Be at one with the elements in Orkney and let the islands stir your soul. Take a look at our new eBook below and begin your journey!

Watch our new 'One with Orkney' video too for more inspiration.

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