Secrets of Orkney

January 17th 2017

Have you been inspired by BBC Two's 'Britain's Ancient Capital: Secrets of Orkney'? Use our interactive map to explore some of the locations featured in the programme and experience undiscovered Orkney at its finest.

Marker Key: Grey - Archaeology | Blue - Site of Interest | Green - Area of Natural Beauty | Gold - Beaches

The stars of BBC Two's 'Britain's Ancient Capital: Secrets of Orkney' covered a lot of ground during the three-part series. From Neolithic sites to lonely sea-stacks, bustling archaeological digs to deserted island beaches, the programmes showcased Orkney at its very best.

Our interactive map highlights just some of the locations featured, including those that are real secrets of Orkney, hidden away from the traditional tourist trail. Click on the icons to find out more about each area.

If you missed it you can catch up with the fantastic series via the BBC's iPlayer.