In Orkney, traditional skills and contemporary vision complement each other perfectly. The land and sea provide the inspiration for a vibrant creative community whose work is admired and bought by people around the world.

Painters, potters, jewellers, sculptors, furniture makers, textile designers... the list goes on. As diverse as their skills may be, they share one thing in common - a love of Orkney. Living and working on the islands, they are fiercely proud to call Orkney 'home'. Its history, landscape and skies are also the spark that fires their creativity.

The strength of this community is evident in the activities of the Creative Orkney, an organisation run by its members to promote and support the industry on Orkney. The website is a great source of information, with the Craft Trail taking visitors on a fascinating tour of studios and workshops.

Orkney has the largest community of craft jewellers in Scotland and their work is exported around the world. The pioneering designs of Ola Gorie have paved the way for the more recent emergence of Sheila Fleet and Aurora, respected brands with a presence in high streets across the UK.

On Orkney you'll have our promise that whatever you take home it will have been hand-made by artisans and never mass-produced.

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