There's no excuse to stay indoors on Orkney. Whatever the season, the islands attract visitors who just want to get outside and indulge in their favourite pursuit. On land and at sea, there's plenty to keep you occupied as Orkney provides the ideal location for those in search of an adrenaline rush or simply looking to relax and chill out.

On any day, you'll find serious sports enthusiasts rubbing shoulders with families as Orkney plays host to a great day out! The fact is that Orkney is exactly what you make it - the islands are yours to enjoy as visitors rediscover the pleasure of wide open spaces, dramatic coastlines and remote moorlands. With the sun on your back or wrapped up against the elements, walking on Orkney is both relaxing and invigorating - something to be enjoyed by people of all ages.

If you're looking to cover a bit more ground then hire a bike. Leave the main routes behind and go off-road to explore the trails and paths winding their way across the islands. This is ideal territory for families and children, although mountain bikers in search of something a bit more daring will not be disappointed - more challenging terrain is never far away!

Things start to get serious when you look up to the skies. Orkney's coastline is peppered with towering cliffs and sea stacks, including the world famous Old Man of Hoy. This iconic climb and many others on the islands have long been an obsession for rock climbers intent on conquering these imposing natural structures (and their nerves) to reach the summit.

Back on dry land, Orkney's abundant wildlife provides the focus for serious birdwatchers and opportunists intent on spotting puffins, seals or the reclusive Scottish Primrose. On Orkney, outdoor activities take all forms!

The islands' seas and waters extend the options for more outdoor action. Orkney welcomes anglers attracted by over a hundred miles of sea trout shoreline, inland lochs stocked with canny brown trout and the promise of a day's exciting sea fishing. Sailors and wind-surfers regularly pit their wits against Orkney's challenging currents, while sea kayaking is popular with those content to travel at a more leisurely pace to discover well-hidden gems along the coastline. Below the surface, Orkney's waters attract divers in search of wartime wrecks and those enjoying a more tranquil scenic dive.

If reading this is whetting your appetite for some outdoor fun, just wait until you experience the real thing for yourself!

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