For wildlife enthusiasts there's no place in the British Isles quite like Orkney. The islands are alive with the sights, sounds and colours of nature all the seasons of the year. Everywhere you go on Orkney, you'll have birds and animals for company on your journey.

With coastal cliffs, meadows and moorland habitats, many species of wildlife make Orkney their home. In fact, on some of the islands the birds and animals have the place to themselves! For many of our visitors, Orkney's natural habitat is about as far from urban living as it's possible to experience. That of course is the appeal and the reason they return to Orkney each year.

Orkney boasts some of the best sites in the British Isles to spot seals, puffins and other rare species. It is the undoubted champion when it comes to seabirds, with 21 breeding species. There are 13 RSPB reserves across the islands which attract resident and migrant birds. Orkney is a paradise for birders and a great place to learn the patient art of bird watching!

The seas and islands to the north are on the flight path of thousands of migrating birds, while around the shores pods of whales, porpoises and dolphins can be spotted.

Each season brings new surprises. From early spring Orkney's wild flowers put on a great show of colour. In Orkney, nature is at its most captivating!

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